Separation Procedures


Mass termination only for Students under Job Code: 1870 will be completed at the end of every academic year. (No termination required)

Departments must submit a Termination Transaction Request Form, for all students under Job Code: 1874 Bridge, 1868 Non Resident Alien (NRA) and/or students graduating or separating from the University. Last physical day worked is required and must match the timesheet.

Student Employee Dismissal

A Dismissal is a non-voluntary separation from service.

Note: Per AB 2410, which amended Section 220 of the Labor Code, an employee who is dismissed must be paid wages earned immediately. This only applies to student assistants (codes 1870, 1871, and 1872).

Dismissal Process

  1. Department supervisor informs their designated Human Resources manager to discuss the situation at least 7 days before intended dismissal date.
  2. A Discharge Notification must be drafted to proceed with dismissal. It is important to include the effective date of termination and the last day of actual work.
  3. HR Manager provides Student Employment with a copy of the Notification Letter to process a Termination Transaction into PeopleSoft.
  4. Payroll processes transaction in the SCO system. Once the pay has been generated, the Pay Warrant is provided to the Department Supervisor or HR Representative.
  5. Once department receives final pay warrant, the Department Supervisor may proceed with the dismissal of their student employee.