Training and Development

As part of the University’s strategic plan, CSUSB provides opportunities for professional growth, and plan for staff and administrative retention, development and succession. Human Resources, Training and Development is a resource for employees to develop skills, learn to respond to changing demands, and acquire the knowledge to advance professionally.

Employees are encouraged to take advantage of self-development opportunities through the CSU Fee Waiver and Reduction Program, instructor-led workshops, online self-paced courseware. Information about all of these and other related programs can be found on this site.

As an employee of CSUSB, we invite you to invest in yourself - learn a new skill, enhance an existing skill, or take a refresher course. Whether you are staff, faculty, student worker or administrator, here's your personal invitation to make an investment in the most important human resource - you!


The HR Training Webpage & LEARN system remains temporarily unavailable at this time. As the server is being rebuilt there will be no access to the “HR Training Records” or the “Register for Training” links. If you would like to register for an upcoming workshop, please contact Ariana at (909) 573-5138.

ITS is anticipating that the duration of the rebuild may take a week or two longer; however, they are working hard to get the webpage and LEARN system up and running as soon as possible. We apologize for this inconvenience.

If you have any questions/concerns or you would like to register for a workshop, please contact:

Human Resources
Training & Development Team
Phone: (909) 537-5138